Taco Treat

Address: 1313 Grand Ave #3, Billings, MT 59102, USA
Saturday 10:30AM–9PM
Sunday Closed
Monday 10:30AM–9PM
Tuesday 10:30AM–9PM
Wednesday 10:30AM–9PM
Thursday 10:30AM–9PM
Friday 10:30AM–9PM
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Order: grubhub.com
Phone: +1 406-259-8226
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By far, the best Mexican food in Billings.  Bar none.

Their soft corn beef tacos are loaded with meat, lettuce and cheese.  This is one of the few tacos I've eaten that "stays together" and doesn't fall all over the place.

Their "hot" sauce is to die for and for once, it's HOT.

If only this place had a decent atmosphere, tables and chairs.  It's very cafeteria looking.  If this place was in a nice restaurant with a bar and full liquor license it would be an absolute gold mine.

What's funny is Billings has some gorgeous Mexican restaurants that unfortunately think good Mexican is dry pork on rice with a side of beans.

This place is truly a culinary delight.  Best time to go is for LUNCH and please, go early!  There was a continual stream of people standing in line and then outside the door waiting to order.

Can't wait to go back!