Craft B&B

Address: 2658 Grand Ave, Billings, MT 59102, USA
Friday 11AM–2AM
Saturday 11AM–2AM
Sunday 11AM–2AM
Monday 11AM–2AM
Tuesday 11AM–2AM
Wednesday 11AM–2AM
Thursday 11AM–2AM
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Phone: +1 406-702-1039
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I really hate dogging on a new business but if the food isn't great in the 2nd week they're open then I'm not sure much is going to change.

We went there for dinner and the space itself is very nice; a sort of rustic industrial look. Lots of table choices and a pretty cool bar and biergarten area.

Menu is 90% burgers (all about $12) with a couple salads and grilled cheese thrown in for variety. The burger choices are mildly eclectic but nothing too over-the-top, especially compared to Burger Dive. The burger patties themselves are meh, which is why I had to give this review 2 stars. If you're going to call yourself Craft Burgers and Beer, you gotta do it right. The patties are nothing better than what I can make at home, in fact at least my burgers are at least seasoned and a good size. These burgers don't even fill the buns. But, the buns are very good brioche, so that was a nice surprise. I guess for me, if you're really only serving burgers I want a lot more topping choices too, really a make-your-own option would be awesome, with more than just bacon and gravy; maybe even different meats like turkey and buffalo too. Their fries are pretty delicious though. I had garlic fries, but they weren't garlicky at all, though I love that they double fry them. So win for the carbs, meh for the meat.

They also do not have a kid's menu. If I'm in an upscale place, I don't mind that, but even these days most upscale places have kid's menus. Instead, I was forced to buy a $12 meal to feed my 6-year-old.  At least give me the option of a smaller portion size for less money, I don't need them to make something outside the existing menu but paying adult prices for a child is absurd.

They do have a decent-ish beer, wine, and whiskey menu. They had about a dozen craft beers on tap, which was nice, but they were priced way more than most restaurants around. They also don't allow samples but you can buy a quarter pint taster. I didn't pay attention to their wine or whiskey menus, but they fancy themselves a whiskey bar so might be worth checking out for that.

Service was good if a little slow. Also, it would be nice if they had a sign at the front that tells you to seat yourself so you're not awkwardly standing there waiting for someone to shout at you across the restaurant to pick a spot. We might check them out again in a few months, see if they've improved the menu, etc. If so, I'll update then. In the meantime, I wish them luck.